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SAQ Flash Info B2B 2016-04-28

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Streamlining of the SAQ’s administrative structure  (Issued: 2016.04.15)

SAQ Inspire: 2.6 million customers enroled! (Issued: 2016.03.10)

Labelling Change Procedure (Issued: 2015.01.28)

Updating Product Photos on (Issued: 2015.01.28)

The SAQ published its Supplier Code of Conduct (Issued: 2016.01.14)

Request for Certificates of Origin for Your Products (Issued: 2015.11.26)

Customs Clearance Transmittal Form for Samples (Issued: 2014.06.05)

Thematic Calendar - Specialty Products (Updated: 2016.04.28)

Our general documentation for suppliers and agents is presented under heading : Policy And Standards

The list of specific product needs by category is located under the heading : Call for Tenders