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Here are answers to the questions most frequently received by the Service d'Assistance aux Relations d'affaires (SARA), our business relations assistance service. Please note that this FAQ will be updated in light of the questions received.

If you have a question that isn't answered in this section, please submit it using the Contact Us page.

Q: Does it cost anything to use the SAQ-B2B website?

R: No. There is no subscription fee.

Q: How does the site work?

R: Accessing the site automatically gives you access to all information bulletins and other communications addressed to the industry. These are grouped under the various tabs and sections according to topic.

Q: How does the SAQ notify its business partners of the information bulletins and other communications intended for them?

R: If documents have been posted or updated during the week, a Flash Info listing is posted on Friday on the SAQ-B2B home page. The Flash Info lists all the documents concerned.

Q: How do I start doing business with the SAQ?

R: You must first become a member of the website. Explanations for doing so will be found under the Subscribe tab. For more information about doing business with the SAQ, we suggest you read the information bulletins posted on the home page under the Business Relations Assistance Service (Service d'Assistance aux Relations d'Affaires - SARA) heading.

Q: Once I've joined the site, how does it work?

R: Once you access your account with your user name and password, you will be able to, among other things, view the follow-up on your orders, catalogue of products and catalogue of SAQ offers and to manage your account. You can then do all the follow-ups required for each of the products in your portfolio.

Q: I'm an agent who is already a member of the site and I have a new supplier. How can I carry out transactions on the supplier's behalf?

R: You must first obtain a limited revocable power of attorney with the scope determined by the supplier. Then, your supplier must add you as an agent to its account in the Transmission of Info to Agents section.

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